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Thinking Systems before Steinitz

It is said that chess in the name of Sanskrit word Chaturang (Chatur Ang means four arms (of controller Queen or Minister) -  Rooks, Bishops, Knights, and Pawns depicting the Army (Elephants), Navy (ships) or Oont (Camels) in Deserts, Air Force (Horse) and cavalry (pawns)) was invented in India. And it is also said that the king Ravana (remember Lord Rama story) used to play this game with his queen Mandodari. But then Chess would have been invented in Sri Lanka (unless Mandodari who invented this game to keep her husband busy would have been Indian or the game was invented in India and then reached Lanka from here). Hey! my Indian friends would beat me up and many historians even say that Lanka claimed to be Ravana's kingdom was in India at that time (though I don't think so). So, let us assume that chess was invented in India and flourished in Persia & Arab countries then entertained Europe, got settled in Russia, romanced with US and then returned back to India (with World Champion Anand) & China as well. Overall, it is a true international game.

From thinking point of view, chess in olden times was played for recreation & passing good time and not as a tournament. So, the thought process was slow movements. And if a combination emerged somewhere that was the main source of amusement. Entertainment value in chess was proportional (and still it is) to the deepness & number of combinations played in a game. Also, in old times if a small army used to beat a big army, it was appreciated. Same happened in chess too. If you could win after sacrifices and less material, people especially beautiful ladies in audiences were ready to kiss you (I dream so).

Hence, combinations and sacrifices were order of the day in chess before Steinitz. The most brilliant player before Steinitz was Paul Morphy from America. His key to success was Development: 
- Bring out your forces quickly, effectively and economically. The concept of tempi was best utilized by Morphy in beating the opponents who were even better in combinations than him.
- Attack and play accurately especially in open games

Steinitz System

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