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Euwe System: Tactical Accuracy & Precision

It is said that Mr. Max Euwe rarely played an inaccurate combination and rarely left an inaccurate combination by his opponent unpunished. He was a mathematician by education and that could have brought accurate analysis skills in him.

In the history of chess, Euwe completed the most difficult task. It was almost impossible to  defeat Alekhine in a match seeing the form Alekhine had at that time. So, to achieve that task, Euwe studied almost everything about chess available at that time. Euwe read and explained in his books most of the varied aspects of chess a player needs to know. But it is difficult to say which ideas were Euwe's own and which were compiled from other sources.  If Nimzowotsch compiled all the positional aspects of chess in his books, Euwe covered all the middle game aspects (positional and tactical both) in his books. The style of Euwe's explanations are crystal clear. Euwe's book "Planning & Judgement in Chess" can be considered as a text book of middle-game in chess. Similarly, "Chess Master vs Chess Amature" and "The Road to chess Mastery" cover all the aspects of chess especially opening and middle games through 25 fully annotated games in each book.

General Strategy of a King Side attack:  Though it can be found in many books now but Euwe writes this strategy in clear terms (With a warning: check tactical possibilities well before applying this strategy):

1. To start a King side attack, first check two points:
(i) You have control over the centre, or
(ii) The centre is stable so that opponent cannot start serious action in the centre

2. Get as many pieces as possible available for immediate play.
3. Open as many lines (files & diagonals both) as possible.
4. The pieces shall be brought in favourable positions one by one with tempo keeping in view that opponent shall not get time to take essential defensive measures on his King side.
5. Sacrifices also can be made to bring the right pieces on key squares.
6. Strip the opponent king from all protection making exchanges and sacrifices if  feasible.
7. Threat must be optimally utilized both on board and psychologically to bring both on-board and time troubles for the opponent.

Botvinnik System

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