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Some Feedbacks on the Course "Grand Master's Secrets"

“I won a 9 game GM Norm!”
Hi i am a 15 years old boy from Venezuela, a Country where for me its really difficult to find a good coach…im a player that usually have a performance of 2100 in tournaments and a rating of 2000 …
so when i see the web www.chess-teacher.com i see it as a chance to have a improvement of my chess. i study the course the GM Secrets and thats incredible how GM Igor Smirnov explains the most important ideas. I began to use this ideas on tournaments and i quickly recovered the money by winning Open tournaments with a lot of adult players (and thats not the best in June 2010!!)
I got placed second shared first with 7/9 and performance of 2300 in the National of Experts and Masters that were playing 3 IM , 3 FM and all the other players are National Masters and National Experts. I was one of the few players without a title and i won my first title at the age of 14 !!
National Master ?? thats not the best!! recently i become the youngest International Master of my country by winning the Central American and Caribbean Junior Championship with 6.5/9 and performance of 2270. apart in this tournament i won a 9 game GM Norm.
I am really really happy with your courses and how they make effects in my chess. The best of the course is that only not explains a system of thinking in chess !!! Explains how to teach yourself and how to prepare for specific games and tournaments !!!
So i highly recommended to invest a few money buying this course and let Igor do all the rest!!! Congrats Igor Smirnov and really thanks for your help as a next objetive im planning to become GM at the age of 18!!!!! reading all your courses and following your training method !! Thank you again and bye bye…


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