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Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to Chess Thinking Systems

Hi Chess Friends!

How a World Champion gets defeated by a new challenger? One explanation is that due to age or health factor, the reigning champion has not been able to give his best. But another explanation is that in the process of challenging (rise of career and then candidates matches), the new challenger comes up with a new thinking system of his own ahead of existing systems (at least in some aspects) and yet not well analyzed giving current champion a surprise. But if the reigning champion is able to re-invent himself by developing altogether new thinking system or repair faults (if any) in his previous system, he is the one who offers a surprise and saves his kingdom (few such examples are Alekhine, Botvinnik, Kasparpov & Anand). Chess provides huge innovation opportunities and even present day fastest computers are not able to explore it fully. As per Quantum Computing pioneer Dr. David Deutsch, even quantum computers (which are the fastest computers but at concept stage only as on today) will not be able to solve the game of chess because of the branching ability of chess algorithms. So, we will be able to enjoy the games of chess tournaments for many more decades to come.

Most of the chess players who are or have been at the top of the world invented their own thinking systems which were ahead of their time. This blog has been created to discuss those chess thinking systems developed till date particularly [in the chronological time of evolution and not accuracy] : (Please click the top twenty-two hyperlinks to see details. Others will be activated soon - Step by Step.)

24. Computers - Rybka, Fire & Houdini Systems
25. Applying mathematics to chess
26. The Grand Synthesis

Systems before Steinitz 

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Our own videos
Endgame Systems by Paul Keres
1 Introduction & Queen vs Pawn(s)

1a. Queen Vs Pawn Endgames Demo

Excellent Chess Videos contributed by GM Igor Smirnov
A new Strong Opening Line for white against Sicilian Defence (Part -1)

A new Strong Opening Line for white against Sicilian Defence (Part -2)

A Strong Opening Surprise by White 1.b3
(Part 2-All Black replies except e5)

Click this link to get the part 1 of this video named "Your Secret Weapon b3"

How to Plan and Execute in Chess

Breaking Stereotypes-1 
(How to tackle White's Bg5, Bb5 and Black's Bg4, Bb4 to get winning advantage?)

Breaking Stereotypes-2 
(Taking advantage of common BxNf6 type exchanges)

 Breaking Stereotypes-3
(Handling h file attacks with g7 bishop and counter-attack) 

Breaking Stereotypes-4
(The most common stereotype - whether to exchange opponent's fianchettoed bishop or not and how to take advantage if opponent has exchanged ours)

How to prevent blunders in chess 

How to break 3000 rating in Blitz Chess?
GM Igor Smirnov, present ICC Blitz Rating 3091 (best 3212)  with ID Charodej shares his blitz chess secrets


  1. Good blog! I'll come back here.

  2. Thank you GM Smirnov! Very nice tips but it fails to include Psychological Factors which is as important as the strategy itself.

    Psychological questions such as:

    1. How to prepare myself to overcome fear facing a higher rated blitz player? Should I think I'm Kasparov? Any motivating poem?

    2. Does Intimidation work in blitz like banging a piece on the board to scare an opponent that the move is strong? How not to be affected when it's your opponent who does it?

    3. What's the proper mental attitude after I just blundered a piece? Because I notice that experts have secrets that saved their hopeless games.

    4. My position is loosing.. how to lift my spirit up?

    5. I lost 5 straight games against somebody. should I stop or continue? deep breath? stretching? How to wake myself up to turn the tables?

    6. Which is more effective? "Best move but expected?" or "Second best move but unexpected?" Because I noticed a very good Blitz player in the club who often refrain moves that his opponent is expecting and he even refuse obvious recaptures. The effect is opponent uses more time.

    Thanks again GM Smirnov and I hope you make another video for that :)

  3. Dear Ria,

    All your questions have been answered in the courses "How to beat titled players" and "Your Winning Plan" (See the picture links below).

  4. thanks to provide me url for such a good blog. nice work is being done by u Mr. Singh.

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